How to Find An Army Jeep For Sale

The mighty jeep; it is one of the best vehicles in the world! Jeeps are used by both the military as well as civilians. Finding Army Jeeps For Sale at a good price is becoming more difficult Because of the Jeeps four wheel drive capability, it is able to go anywhere. While the newer jeeps are pretty, the older ones that have been around the block have the real personality. Are you looking for an army jeep for sale? What does it take to find the jeep perfect for your needs?

Army surplus is one place; they are becoming more rare each year though. There are many listings online where you can both buy or bid on old army jeeps for sale. Searching for “Army Jeep for sale” or “Willys jeeps for sale” will usually bring up a few sites to start with.

Do you know what to look for when finding an army jeep for sale? How much time, money, and work do you want put into this labor of love? More often than not, the army jeep for sale you find will be a project jeep, or to some degree need work Take a look at the body for rusting, once you locate a few jeeps that fit your criteria. Jeeps in the north and south east will probably have more rust issues because of the increased humidity. A little rust is nothing to worry about; this can be easily treated/repaired. Jeeps from the north/south west in the dryer climates will have less damage. As you look at Jeeps, you will start to find the hidden rust spots. Learn where to look.

Although some rust is obvious, you also need to check the underside. Under the quarter panel and under the wheel wells can give you an indication of the true shape of the body. When under the Jeep, take a look at the floorboards, these are common rust spots as well. If there are any areas of the paint, that look bubbly or rough, this is usually a sign of either rust forming under the paint, or the rust was actually painted over. You do not want to put bondo, primer or paint, over any rusted areas, this is a very short term solution, and will ultimately fail. Rust must be completely removed, if it cannot be removed 100% from the surface, then the area needs to be cut out and replaced with new metal.

Part of the fun is finding your army jeep for sale. Whether it is for restoration or a show truck, it can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, and bring many years of enjoyment.

For over 10 years, I have been buying, selling, restoring, collecting old trucks and jeeps. My blog on contains lots of useful information. I hope I can help you learn about the restoration process, as well as find your Old truck or Jeep for sale.

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