Advantages Of A Military Surplus Vehicle

There was a time when everyone knew that if you wanted a great price on a car, you could get a military surplus Jeep. Now days, the military uses a lot more than just Jeeps to carry out its business, and the military still deals in mass numbers of each type of military surplus vehicle.

The military takes good care of its vehicles, so you can get a really good deal buying a military surplus vehicle, regardless of whether you want a Jeep, car, or truck. In fact, you may also be able to purchase surplus motorcycles, airplanes, or helicopters. The military is constantly replacing its vehicles and there is a steady turnover of each type of military surplus vehicle.

It is not uncommon for these military vehicles to have all kinds of new technology perks in them. The military gets bulk discounts when they contract for vehicles and all of the vehicles have to meet whatever the requirements of the users will be, so most of them will either come completely without features or with all available upgrades installed. The military doesn’t worry too much about how much they sell the vehicles for, only that the vehicles are sold at what people are willing to pay when the vehicles need to be cleared from inventory.

How to Buy a Military Surplus Vehicle

The military is starting to catch up to the technology of the day, with military surplus vehicles and equipment being sold at online auctions. The disadvantage for the buyer is that the vehicle cannot be pre-inspected. However, the military is not out to scam anyone, they try to let you know if there are any known problems with the vehicle on the auction website.

On the other hand, if you live in the vicinity of a large military base, you may be able to attend one of their live military surplus vehicle auctions. In this case you will be able to look over the military surplus vehicle first, before you decide to bid. You can either watch for advertisements of these auctions, which isn’t usually done very prominently, or you can call the base and try to get information about it and when they hold auctions.

Going the Online Route for Your Military Surplus Vehicle

It is not hard to find military surplus vehicle auctions. It is about like looking for anything else on the Web. Your average search engine will bring up plenty of military surplus auction options. Check them out. See which ones seem to carry the types of vehicles or equipment you may be interested in purchasing. Don’t jump right in and purchase, but watch the auctions for a few weeks and see what a good auction price is and how the auctions seem to progress. This will help you bid more wisely.

Don’t forget to take the time to inspect the auction site’s terms and individual terms on each auction item. Some auctions will ship your winnings for a price. Others require pick up of your military surplus vehicle. The best ones give you the option of doing either. The best choice is usually to be patient until you find auctions for vehicles within a few hundred miles from you that you can pick up yourself.

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